Lori's Treasures of Time Estate Sales

1. Act as if your going on vacation. Take everything you need and leave everything you would like us to sell. Feel free to leave everything in the cabinets, under the sink and garage. We will do it all.

2. We come in approximately 7-10 days before the sale. We bring in all our own tables, tablecloths, baskets, etc. We sort and custom stage each room to become a beautifully, organized showcase of your valued treasures.

3. We take great care to price each individual item. With our combined years of experience, we price everything at a fair market value. We have a broad variety of sources to insure your pieces are never under priced or over priced. We also have many experts that we use to help us price unique and valuable items.

4. Extensive advertising is next on our list. We will use our in-house client list to advertise your sale, as well as Craigslist ads with numerous pictures, and other online advertisements. On the day of the sale we will post signs all over your neighborhood, on all major cross streets and intersections to capture maximum drive by shoppers.

5. Once the sale opens live to the public, we always have tons of customers and lots of fun, but rest assured we will have enough staff to watch over, sell and protect all your treasures. We are wonderful at merchandizing all your items. We constantly work on restaging and moving items forward so each item gets seen and gets the attention it deserves. Our friendly staff is very knowledgeable about furniture, collectables, vintage and antiques, as well as high end clothing and shoes, which always makes for good sales. Not only is our staff friendly and knowledgeable, they are also trustworthy and share a huge passion for the business, as well as love for the families.

6. After the sale is complete, we will leave your home empty and clean, carpets vacuumed and hard surfaces swept.

7.  All bookkeeping and full payment will be provided within 7 days (or sooner). You will be so amazed at how much we sell, how beautiful we stage your home, as well as the business integrity  we live and work by.

We are so pleased you are considering us and we look forward to  working with you.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you,  


  How Our Business Works